Electron Holograpahy

Off-axis electron holography

Images recorded in the transmission electron microscope can be interpreted as the probability density of the quantum mechanical wave function that has been scattered by the transmitted object. In off-axis electron holography an interference pattern of an electron wave function with a reference wave is recorded which allows, in addition to the conventional image intensity (the wave’s amplitude squared), also the phase of this wave function to be reconstructed. (more …)

Inline Holography

As an alternative to off-axis holography, inline holography is also capable of recovering amplitude and phase of the wave function of the fast electron and has the advantage that the experimental data is simply a set of images recorded at different planes of focus. However, low spatial frequencies of the phase are only weakly encoded in the recorded signal (more …)

Simulation of Images, Diffraction Paterns, etc.

The Multislice algorithm

The Bloch wave algorithm

Electron Diffraction