Lab Courses

Lab courses will take place at the electron microscopy laboratories of the following 4 institutions:

  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Adlershof Campus (HUB)
  • Technische Universität zu Berlin (TUB)
  • Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (FHI)
  • Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB)

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Individual lab courses:

    1. TUB1: Off-axis Electron Holography @ TU Berlin (Tue, Wed)
      Are you interested in phase measurements by off-axis electron holography? In this lab course, we will teach you to record your own electron holograms at a FEI Titan TEM. You will also learn to handle the software for reconstructing holograms. (max. 18 participants)
    2. HUB1: Inline Holography @ HU Berlin (Tue, Wed, Thu)
      This lab will train you to acquire focal series at the TEM and also perform the reconstruction of the data to recover amplitude and phase of the exit wave function. The group will be split in half, so that data acquisition and reconstruction will be done in parallel by both groups. (max. 18 participants)
    3. HZB1: FIB-Preparation of TEM Lamellae @ HZB Wannsee (Tue, Wed)
      During this lab the preparation of TEM lamellae using the focused ion beam will be demonstrated (max. 6 participants)
    4. HZB2: Imaging and Structuring with He and Ne ions @ HZB Wannsee (Tue, Wed)
      This course will demonstrate imaging and structuring using the Zeiss Orion He/Ne ion microscope (max. 6 participants)
    5. FHI1: EDX mapping @ FHI (Tue, Wed, Thu)
      During this course, we will demonstrate the EDX capabilities of the FEI Talos TEM with X-FEG-ChemiStem technology (max 6 participants)
    6. FHI2: EELS/ELNES @ FHI (Tue, Wed, Thu)
      During this lab we will perform EELS measurements and demonstrate the chemical sensitivity of the ELNES using a JEOL ARM with a GIF Quantum ER detector (max 6 participants)
    7. FHI3: Handling of MEMS-based Gas-Flow holders for in-situ TEM @ FHI (Tue, Wed, Thu)
      You will learn how to prepare samples for in-situ experiments, the handling and cleaning of MEMS chips as well as the assembly of gas-cell holders from DensSolutions and Protochips (max 6 participants)

    Directions to the different labs from the Harnack-Haus:

    • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HUB):
      Address: Newtonstraße 15, 12489 Berlin
      U Oskar-Helene-Heim: Bus X10 (direction Hertzallee) => S Halensee
      S Halensee: S46 (direction Königswusterhausen) or S45 (direction Flughafen B. Schönefeld) => S Adlershof
    • Technische Universität zu Berlin (TUB):
      Address: Marchstraße 10, 10623 Berlin
      U Freie Universtät: U3 (direction Nollendorfplatz) => U Wittenbergplatz
      U Witttenbergplatz: U2 (direction Theordor-Heuss-Platz or Ruhleben or Olympia-Stadium) => U Ernst-Reuter-Platz
    • Helmhotz-Zentrum Berlin, Campus Berlin Wannsee (HZB):
      Address: Hahn-Meitner-Platz 1, 14109 Berlin
    • Fritz-Haber Institut (FHI):
      Address: Faradayweg 4, 14195 Berlin

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